Welcome to Arkartia


Learn and develop your tarot reading with confidence in Arkartia, a new way of experiencing tarot designed for absolute beginners to experienced professional tarot readers of every level.

Arkartia is a tarot learning website featuring an interactive map and integrated tarot reading room, providing a unique “choose your own adventure” style experience for everyone who wants to learn tarot card reading.

As you click on different areas of the map, you are taken to tarot exercises, practices, methods, and life-changing opportunities to use your tarot in daily life.


AMAZING! – Andrea Chiarvesio (Lo Scarabeo)

VISIONARY! – Mario Pignatiello (Lo Scarabeo)

These experiences are provided by artwork, animations (from leading tarot artist Ciro Marchetti), video clips and written tarot reading materials unique to the site and created by best-selling and award-winning tarot authors Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin.

The site features musical scores for each realm of the zodiac written exclusively for Arkartia, immersing you in a rich world of mystery and discovery. As you explore the sites many wonders, tarot, astrology, divination & magic will be brought easily and naturally to your life.

When you enter the site, you embark on a journey taking you through tarot learning at your fingertips, delivered to you in response to your own choices and decisions. You only need a tarot deck to hand and you are ready for a lifetime adventure!

The site also includes exclusive tarot deck reviews, insights and methods from our participants.


Very Exciting! – Lyn Araujo (US Games Systems, Inc.)

The World Engine built into the site sends you regular quests, updates, exercises and insights, in addition to special surprises on festival days such as the Summer Solstice, and even your birthday!

A Quest Tree unlocks different quests for you depending on the interests that you follow, meaning that your experience of the site over the years will be utterly unique to your own spiritual and life journey.

The site is designed for both absolute beginners to Tarot reading and experienced readers; professional readers; designers and artists; every participant can chose their own route and experience of this immersive site.

There is also a great social element (which is optional, and fun) when you share your adventures with other wayfarers in linked Facebook groups.

Locations are richly illustrated by CIRO MARCHETTI with animated tarot images and surprises throughout your journeys through Arkartia.

Each location leads to video series, life-changing experiences, unique gated spreads, tarot exercises, cartomancy reviews, secret competitions, tarot & oracle deck learning experiences, online gatherings … & much more!

AN IMMEDIATE “YES”! – Bill Krause (Llewellyn Worldwide)

The Arkartia site brings the vision of Pamela Colman Smith – who saw tarot as a world of the heart’s desire – to life, with exclusive research and thirty-five years experience of teaching tarot.


Check out the video below for a mind-blowing revelation about the tarot which has been hidden in plain sight for a century!

Every deck of tarot cards is a map which Pamela had drawn before – a map to a world she saw in music and her true heart’s desire.

Join Arkartia today and discover your true heart’s desire!