Truth Tellers Deck UK ORDER

Hello All in the UK

We are putting together a UK Order of the Truth Tellers Deck by request, so as a group we can reduce excessive customs and postage charges.

The deck is £13.55 and we calculate a shared postage and packing charge of £4.50 each, saving up to £20 on excessive post charges and customs from the US!

We have also provided an option of purchasing an Original Lenormand deck whilst we are shipping the Truth Tellers Deck, at £24 – and you will only need to pay the reduced postage on one deck if you order the other!

We will place the order on 7th March and estimate 4 weeks for delivery.

Please place your order by 7th March to be included in this group order and save up to £24 excessive charges and postage from the US.

Select one deck WITH postage, and if you would like the other deck to be included in your package, select it WITHOUT postage.


Truth Teller Deck

Original Lenormand Deck