C1 Cast Away

– C1 –


A journey to cast away our burdens as we sail to the centre of the world.


The Twelve Rivers of Arkartia run to the seas from the central mountains of the world.

Here they spring unceasingly from the vast Well of Time in the shadow of the Tree that Lives.

From four great rivers they flow from that ancient Garden.

From each four comes three, and as sons and daughters, they fashion this world.

And as they run and return, a moving likeness of eternity is shaped, to which men gave the name of Time.

To the East they race, through the sanctuary of Seers and onwards to the endless shores.

To the West they run, cascading down the terraces of Lysandia and to the Lost Coast.

To the North they fall, past the Caves of Starlight and Furies Forge.

To the South they course, through the plains and ancient ruins, through the places of the Black Lotus and drown the Howls of the abased Necropolis.

The Twelve Rivers are the source of all in the Realms, and Wayfarers are blessed to make their pilgrimage upon them.

From ports across the lands, a Wayfarer may set sail in a sacred journey believed to relieve all the burdens of this life.

If you should be one such Wayfarer, find your way below to the Port of your Birth Realm, where you may board your vessel and spend seven days in this divine passage.