Aquis, Aquarius (Star)

Here you are, stood at the shining Harbour of Reverium in the realm of Aquis.

Look ahead, focus, as here you stand awaiting your ship. It is arriving at the last hour of night, for it sails only by the stars. You see the bow of the ship loom into view, its figurehead of a woman crowned with diamond stars.

It feels as if this ship was uniquely made to your delight; it looks as if it will carry you to a place of opportunity and transformation. It bears a magic that gives it a name based on your own first thoughts, usually preceded by Bright-. For one Wayfarer, it may be called the Bright Star, for another, the Bright Angel.

It is a vessel which promises the hope of regeneration and transportation to the ideal life. It gives such hope where there is none, and the light it brings dispels all darkness.

Now step aboard the ship and set sail safely on your journey.

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Your first event in this journey will occur in the next day or two. In the meantime, you may keep yourself to your cabin to study your baggage cards or stretch on the main deck.