Carcer, Cancer (Chariot)

Here you are, stood at the Ancient Hithe, a small port in the realm of Carcer.

Look ahead, focus and you will see a ship speed into port. It is a veritable chariot of the waters; you see the wooden figurehead high up and proud on the bow of the ship, fashioned as two sphinxes, one black and one white.

The vessel is powered by disciplined oarsman and crafted elaborately in the style of an Egyptian boat from the Hinge.

You see a blue canopy overhead, decorated with white stars. You will take command of the ship, the crew and embark together on the quest. This is the Wanderlust, a vessel of focus, guile, drive and one of the fastest vessels in all Arkartia.

Now step aboard the ship and set sail safely on your journey.

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Your first event in this journey will occur in the next day or two. In the meantime, you may keep yourself to your cabin to study your baggage cards or stretch on the main deck.