Althea, Libra (Justice)

Here you are, stood at Trueport in the realm of Althea.

Look ahead, focus, and as you do, listen first for the whispers, almost silent words speaking of justice, almost out of hearing.

They are clear if you listen to them, they are the voices of the wise that invisibly guard this port.

They speak of fairness and balance, of not showing bias on the Way.

As you listen, you see a ship loom into view, almost as silent itself as a whisper.

The figurehead is a carving of a woman holding a sword aloft in her right hand, and in her left hand she holds the scales of truth.

This is the ship Nemesis, known throughout all the Realms. It is a vessel that transports all those who support Justice, objectivity, appraisal, and reconciliation.

Now step aboard the ship and set sail safely on your journey.

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Your first event in this journey will occur in the next day or two. In the meantime, you may keep yourself to your cabin to study your baggage cards or stretch on the main deck.