Sage Plains, Sagittarius (Temperance)

Here you are, stood at the Port of Wisdom in the realm of the Sage Plains.

Look ahead, focus, and you will see the bow of a ship loom into view against the backdrop of a sunset.

The ship has weathered the raging tempests and safely returned home.

The figurehead is a carving of an angel pouring water from one goblet into another. Such is the skill of the sculptor that the rain and water pour from cup to cup as the ship plies the waves.

The sky is soon settled and the sea calms. You look at the sign upon the pier that simply reads, “I set sail, and all is well. All is well”. The ship sails towards you now.

This is the mighty ship, Deliverance. It is a vessel of moderation in all things, and a carrier of resolution and settlement. It is always to be found as the calm in the centre of any storm.

Now step aboard the ship and set sail safely on your journey.

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Your first event in this journey will occur in the next day or two. In the meantime, you may keep yourself to your cabin to study your baggage cards or stretch on the main deck.