Torfeld, Taurus (Hierophant)

Here you are, stood at the Bull Anchorage Port in the Realm of Torfield.

Here, where merchants trade in cattle and creatures from all over the Realms. You are aware of the hustling and bustling around you, the acrid smell of the tannery on the Wharfside and the sounds of cattle lowing. Underneath which can be faintly heard the shouts of the cowherds as they go about their business.

Look ahead, focus and you will see an ancient merchant ship, The Blessed King Maker, sail into the anchorage. You may have to earn your passage by becoming an apprentice sailor on board the ship. It is a vessel manned by those of faith, tradition, education, and old-fashioned values.

Now step aboard the ship and set sail safely on your journey.

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Your first event in this journey will occur in the next day or two. In the meantime, you may keep yourself to your cabin to study your baggage cards or stretch on the main deck.