P1 The Cave of Three Dragons

To the east of the main entrance to the Caves of Starlight, less than a few long paces along an ancient paved path, is the Cave of Three Dragons. The Wayfarer is in no doubt as to the fitting of this name as they gaze at the three carved outcrops atop the gaping maw of the cave. These rocks have been shaped in the form of three draconic heads, twisting out on necks of stone that seem unlikely to support their weight.

Nonetheless, for those who dare venture beneath these threatening guardians, there is a gift to be found within; the sanctuary of N’Kneana, one of the last Dragonkyn of the Realms.

N’Kneana offers the Wayfarer an unburdening of their souls’ distress, the granting of small wisdoms, and guidance in journeys that must be taken alone. In the last light of the evening and the morning she dispenses healing and joy, her sibilant voice sliding along the tunnels that shimmer in time.

The first Pioneer from the Hinge to discover this place was Pamela Henderson.

The Oracle of This Place

If you are here, the message from Arkartia is …

A simple act which from this side seems fearful, from the other side will be the entrance to a lifetime of healing.

The Practice of This Place

When N’Kneana has completed a reading, she asks her client to remove one of the cards from the spread back to the deck, as if assisting her to tidy them away. She then repeats this, until the client is left with only one card upon the table.

N’Keana reads this as a final and important message card to the client, leaving it upon the table until the client has left.

This method leaves a lasting impression on each of her clients with a unique ‘card left standing’ feeling as they must leave whilst at the same time recalling one card was not returned to the deck. Their unconscious mind – which does not like unfinished patterns – will find changes of thought or behavior to ‘complete’ the return of the card to the deck by heeding and completing the message or advice associated with that card.

This is one of the simple yet powerful methods adopted by Wayfarers in Arkartia.

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