P3 The Sanctuary of Soulfire

In Viridas is to be found the sanctuary of Soulfire.

A reading here by the guide of the sanctuary, Lucia the Healer, assists the Wayfarer to find the courage to face what is standing in their way. Her healing work may also reveal the Way and true Soul Purpose – the soulfire – of a Wayfarer.

For forty years the sanctuary (sometimes called the Soulfire Monidium) has offered its services to Wayfarers.


The Oracle of This Place

If you are here, the message from Arkartia is …

That which stands in your way is the only clue to your true purpose.

The Practice of This Place

One of the methods used in the Monidium is to identify one card in a spread that most represents the block or obstacle to the Wayfarer. It is particularly identified if it is a card that brings about a fearful or anxious response.

This card is deemed the “signpost” card and an Oracle deck is then chosen to act as a transcending device; one card is pulled from the Oracle deck and placed upon the Signpost card.

The Oracle card is read as if the signpost card is the obstacle, what is it truly signposting in the deepest spiritual journey of the Wayfarer?

In this manner, any fearful card is welcomed as offering an opportunity to create a signpost to transcendence.

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