P4 The Guide of Grove

There are many who wander the Sage Plains in search of transformation; through their pilgrimage, in guiding others or in the mysteries of alchemy and deep wisdom. There is one such wanderer who leads others to powerful points of change in their journey, going by the name Duane, or more commonly referred to as the “Guide of Grove”.

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The Oracle of This Place

If you are here, the message from Arkartia is …

Take a step in any direction, even if it appears not to be straight, for the way wanders and from one place we may see another.

The Practice of This Place

There are many ancient methods used across the Sage Plains by those who travel there for wisdom. One such simple method is to consider the Court Cards as travelling cards. These cards are seen as showing how thoughts between people are passing in the situation.

In this approach, the Page cards represent how you are thinking about yourself in the situation; the Knight cards represent how others are thinking about you, and the Queen and King cards show who is thinking that in the situation.

So, a King of Cups and Knight of Pentacles in a spread might also indicate (as well as any other meaning you first read in context) that an “emotional man” is thinking of you as a “steady but boring person”.

If you had a Page of Cups in the reading too, then it would show that you actually considered yourself “quirky and emotional” so might have to do a little more to show that side of yourself, if you were considering a romantic relationship – for example.

In such ways do the methods of antiquity continue to live in the wisdom of those who wander these plains.

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