The Secret of the Gate

Greetings O Wayfarer!

You have approached the Gatekeeper and been rewarded with entrance to this locale of Arkartia, known as the Secret Gate.

Here we will share photographs of Gates in the Hinge, the world of our every activity.

In Arkartia you will discover the strong connection between the In and the Out, the Above and the Below.

We also reveal a secret known only to those who have made an action of correspondence in creating an image of a gate.

The Reverium which introduces Arkartia is a Kabbalistic text.

It is constructed upon esoteric principles and a map of all creation.

It was composed to introduce mystical thought from the very first encounter with Arkartia and the Twelve Realms.

The meaning of the Reverium will be explored throughout your own discoveries in Arkartia.

In the meantime, here is the Reverium and the correspondence to the Tree of Life, which in Arkartia is known as the Tree of That Which Alive; the tree that abides in the Garden of Aleithia.

Once there was a gate. [Ain Soph Aur] A simple gate of wood and nails, hung before a field of green. [Malkuth]
It was said by some that if you went through the gate you would never see yourself again. [Yesod]
Upon the gate had long ago been carved these words, IN ARKARTIA. WE ARE. [Hod]
It was said by others that those who went through the gate passed into another world. [Netzach]
Petals made a path to where the roses slept, lost in remembrance of an ancient key. [Tiphareth]
On this side of the gate, soldiers marched to war and we forgot their names. [Geburah]
On this side of the gate, lovers built things of beauty of which their innocence left no trace. [Chesed]
On the other side of the gate, an everlasting day awaited in the dream of a timeless realm. [Da’ath]
It was a gate much like the one before which you now stand. [Binah]
Yet different, as all gates are. Different, and the same. [Chockmah]
For all gates lead to Arkartia if you know the way of them. [Kether]

We hope that your experiences in Arkartia will slowly and naturally open to you a new world of spiritual experience, beyond the gates of Tarot.