– 22 –


To receive your message, again take out the 22 Major Arcana from the deck or use a Major-Only deck.

Again, remove the Death card, placing it on your table.

Shuffle the remaining 21 Major Arcana cards and consider your experience of the House of Death in Scarapis.

Ask Death to introduce you again to one of his visitors.

Draw one of the 21 Major Arcana cards, saying “In the House of Death is …” and place the card next to Death.

Consult the gifts and lessons of that card as you experienced it in the House of Death and the specific message of that card combination.

This is your gift and message from Death for Samhain.


As with all methods taught in Arkartia, you can use the methods in everyday and spiritual readings for yourself or clients.

In this method, you could use the Death card as a meditation card and have the client shuffle the 21 other Major Arcana and draw one. You can then refer to the message given here or create your own interpretation.

This method would be ideal to identify the important point of change or lesson in a situation that otherwise appears dark or stagnant to the client – or ourselves.

In Arkartia. We Are.


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