– XIII –

The House of Death

A deep 30-minute Gated Spread for Samhain Night in Arkartia.

FREE to all who wander on the Way and all who Wonder of the Why.

Beyond the Gate there is a House where Death lives.

In the Hinge, it is Samhain night, and it is possible to remember all the Worlds.

In Arkartia, the living cards have their own traditions.

In the Realm of Scarapis, secreted in the cliffs that squat between the river of the Black Lotus and the Fields of Nightshade, lies the Bone Staircase; a strange twisting of ancient yew, whitened by salt, crystallised in a slow skeletal scream, which leads upwards into the darkness.

Should you climb the hollowed bone-like shards, cracking like ribs beneath your feet, you may find the tall black door which is set into the caves at the clifftop. The upper branches of the yew here knot tightly and lean against the door like a carved coffin lid.

As you stand here for a moment you are aware that it is not just you who has made this ascent.

For all the 22 Major Arcana have taken the staircase each year on this night to visit and return from the House of Death.

The cards each present their gift to Death on this night and receive deep teaching in return.

As we slip between the door and the worlds, we too may have visions of each of their lessons. Shall we dare this Samhain night to follow these twenty-one steps into death and attempt our own return?

If you have half an hour this night, spend a 1 minute with each of the 22 cards and then discover at the end a personal message for yourself from the House of Death.